What Does “Abolitionist Vegan” Mean?

I want to abolish all use of animals by humans for any reason.

I believe that non-human animals only need one right, the right to not be considered “property”.

In the world today, in many cases, animals have the same rights as a table or a chair. Their own bodies do not belong to them and for the right price, their bodies literally belong to someone else.

When I see an animal, I see an irreplaceable individual. When I see an animal, I see her as someONE, not someTHING.

Animals are not property, they are not here to be our experiments, our meals, our entertainment, our tools, our toys, or our hunting targets.

I want to live in a world free from ALL animal exploitation. I believe that in order to achieve this goal, we need a variety of tactics and methods, like spokes on a wheel. These tactics and methods include, but are not limited to; direct action, vegan feed-ins, underground actions, rallys, demonstrations, film screenings, and private and public outreach.

If you’ve met a non-human animal, you know, they are more than just objects and they deserve to live free of pain and suffering.

They deserve nothing short of liberation.


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